Legacy/Planned Giving

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We are pleased to share our initial phase of information regarding Legacy or Planned Giving. As we prepared materials for this program, we kept these inspirational messages, “Go Set the World on Fire!” and “Love is Shown More in Deeds Than Words” at the forefront of our efforts.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, is known for many guiding principles. “Go Set the World on Fire!” resonates throughout our largest ministry, St. Francis Xavier Elementary School, and serves as a foundation for the nearly 60 ministries we oversee every day. Another, “Love is Shown More in Deeds Than Words” is perhaps the most distinct message spoken by St. Ignatius, and is profoundly evident as we collaborate statewide with Jesuit-based entities to expand our educational programming, and to expand our outreach as the only Jesuit Parish and School in Arizona. We ask that you, too, consider the intention of these words as you seek to establish bequests to the church.

For many, a will and/or trust provides the opportunity to establish a legacy, proclaim your Catholic faith, and demonstrate to future generations the value of stewardship. Your legacy gift will ensure that St. Francis Xavier Parish will continue to be a beacon of hope, a sanctuary for those seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and the cornerstone of Jesuit tradition in the Phoenix area.

We collaborated with legal counsel in creating our Planned Giving program; however, it is our recommendation that all financial decisions regarding bequests occur in collaboration with and consultation from your accountant, financial planner, and/or legal counsel prior to submitting forms to the parish. However, you are free to call our primary contact for the Legacy Gift program, MKC Law, and their name partner, Richard Murphy, 602-274-9000, www.mkcfirm.com.

Through your generosity to St. Francis Xavier Jesuit Parish and School, you become part of our foundation, part of our future. Thank you.