Trust the Timing of Your Life

10-15-2017Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Sullivan, S.J.

Dear Friends in Christ,

After 15 years in residence at St. Francis Xavier, 12 of which I have served as Pastor, I find myself at a turning point in my life. An anonymous author wrote: “Trust the timing of your life.”

This past summer when many were away enjoying some vacation, cool off time, I was faced with an important decision to make. Though I had scheduled to be away much of August, my doctor felt it was time for me to have surgery to remove a cyst on my left kidney. We have been watching the cyst grow ever so slowly but now seemed the best time to act. On July 24th I went through the robotic surgical procedure to test the nature of the cyst and take appropriate action. Fortunately, the cyst was benign and it was removed. I was in the hospital for a couple of wonderful nights where the bed was way too short for my 6’3” frame, and the food, of course, superb. So, for the month of August I lay low, letting my body heal from the surgery. It was fortunate that one of my Jesuit brothers in California was free to substitute for me in August. Fr. Mike Lee, S.J., plus my own Jesuit community, saw that I had the time to heal and regain my strength so that I could quickly resume the duties of Pastor. I felt well enough to put myself back to work and chose August 30, the date of the breakfast event, Coffee with Companions, as my first to return.


USA West Jesuit Gathering

08-13-2017Pastor's LetterRev. Daniel J. Sullivan, S.J.

On Monday, July 31, we celebrated St. Ignatius Day in honor of St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuit Order. In a message from the Provincial, Father Scott Santarosa, SJ,“Ignatius' impact is still felt today, nearly 500 years after his founding of the Society of Jesus. Today, Jesuits and our lay partners who walk with us in ministry are impacting the lives of people through education, Ignatian spirituality, and service to the poor and marginalized. We don't just meet people halfway, we go to them. We don't shrink from challenges, we rise to them. We change with the times, facing emerging needs head on, always grounded by our steady faith. Together, we are contemplatives in action. Together, in the example of St. Ignatius, we are a force for good.”