Meet Deborah Westerfield

10/25/2020  |  From Deborah Westerfield

My passion for all things Ignatian and work with the Jesuits and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola as a Spiritual Director, are at the root of my role as Director of Campus Ministry at St. Francis Xavier School and what guides me in my ministry. As a member of the school’s administration team, I wear many hats and also serve on the school’s Cura Personalis Team and the Parish Liturgy Committee.

Although I have worked at the school for twenty years, St. Francis has been my family's home for many more. My husband Chuck and I were married at St. Francis 36 years ago and we raised our sons Lane and Carson here. Both are proud graduates of SFX and Brophy.

I am filled with gratitude for this incredible community and am filled with hope for our future, trusting in the knowledge that God has great plans for SFX.


A Prayer for Peace

by Father Robert Fambrini, S.J.   |  10/25/2020  |  From Fr. Fambrini

At the beginning of the month, I wrote of how we are asking for your financial support of St. Francis in a “quieter” way this year. We were intentional about this decision knowing that this year has been, and probably will be, the most unusual year of our lifetimes. As we continue to wade our way through these stormy waters, we join you in prayer asking for peace within our homes, in our faith community, the greater community of Phoenix, and our country.

Knowing that we turn to our church when feeling uncertain, I hope we have provided the nurturing environment you seek. Our ministries are now back and running and our religious education program has reached its enrollment capacity for the year. Our elementary school is thriving with the joyful sound of young voices echoing across the campus and our mass schedule has increased to include the Saturday Vigil Mass. Yes, we are in unusual times, but we strive each day to provide the security of a church that is more than a place of worship...ours is a breathing entity found in the lives of all who proclaim their Catholic faith.


Meet Sue Klein

by Sue Klein  |  10/13/2020  |  From Sue Klein

Although I was born in the Valley when my father was stationed at Luke Air Force Base, I do not consider myself a true “native Arizonian” as I did not live here long enough to remember anything. I moved in and out of the country many times until landing in Austin, Texas, where my father retired from the Air Force. I attended college and law school in Texas. It was at Baylor Law School, while attending the local Catholic Church, that I met Tom, a true “native Phoenician.” We were married about one year later.

Tom and I moved back to Phoenix and became members of the St. Francis Community shortly thereafter. We raised our two wonderful daughters here and they attended St. Francis Elementary School and Xavier. I became involved in the parish by participating in the Social Justice Committee, serving on the Parent Association and School Board, serving as an EM, and participating in prayer groups. Involvement in these ministries led me to discover the beauty of a Jesuit Parish, where all are welcome.


Meet Ryan Watson

10/11/2020  |  From Ryan Watson

My name is Ryan Watson and I am blessed to serve as principal at St. Francis Xavier Jesuit School. I was hired to be principal at SFX starting June 1, 2019. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to help lead and live out the mission of our school to work in partnership with parents and teachers to form "kids for others".

Conoce Ryan Watson

Mi nombre es Ryan Watson y es una bendición el servir como director de la Escuela Jesuita St. Francis Xavier. Me contrataron para ser director de SFX a partir del 1 de junio de 2019. Estoy realmente agradecido por la oportunidad de ayudar a liderar y vivir la misión de nuestra escuela de trabajar en asociación con padres y maestros para formar "niños para los demás".

Annual Offertory Appeal

by Father Robert Fambrini, S.J.   |  10/04/2020  |  From Fr. Fambrini

Typically we find ourselves in the midst of our Annual Offertory Appeal during the month of October. We launch with messaging from the pulpit, perhaps a video or special slogan, followed by a mailing of commitment cards to our parish families. This year, we’ve discerned that our efforts would be “quiet” -- we aren’t going to formally ask for offertory commitments. Rather, we will speak to you from the pulpit with a message of gratitude believing that your hearts have been moved and your financial support to the parish will evolve and continue.

Without question, this year has been unusual. That is why our offertory commitment request of you will be different, too. Throughout the last several months, you’ve shown your devotion to St. Francis. As you watched Mass from your homes, you contributed online. When we were able to greet you in person, you maintained your support of St. Francis through a variety of means, not the least of which was your gift collected during the Mass.


Meet Neva Smith

by Neva Smith  |  10/04/2020  |  From Neva Smith

When I was asked what brought me to St. Francis Xavier Parish, my answer was simple; the Holy Spirit brought me!

I'm a Mom and a Grandmother. I've been a parishioner of SFX for 22 years and an employee for almost 23 years.

For 5-10 years, I prayed for this job. I'd worked in the oil industry for years and wanted to slow down and reduce the amount of responsibility I'd had for so long. I decided I wanted to be a receptionist at a Church. I contacted a temporary agency and they sent me to an interview one, Monday morning in September. When I arrived they told me that they didn't need me for another week. When I returned home, I called the agency and they apologized, but informed me that while I was over at the other interview, another job came up. They were hesitant and asked me if I would mind working for a Church? I said, "not at all!" Being Baptist, I didn't realize that accepting this job would mean I would need to become Catholic. The Lord and I laugh about that to this day! He always says to me, "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that".