Family Involved Religious Education

St Francis Xavier Parish recognizes parents as the first and primary leaders of faith in the life of the child. SFX is here to support Parents in leading their children into relationship with God and an active Catholic Faith Life, one of the most challenging and important tasks.

The old African Proverb, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, holds true in matters of faith. The SFX Community is here, as your village, through this exciting new ministry of FIRE.

Here at SFX, our newest program, FIRE, is designed to empower families to explore the richness of our faith as a family unit and to support parents as they carry on the Gospel message and teachings in the home and in their everyday lives.

Registration and information for Fall Schedule coming soon.

Saint Ignatius was known to end his inspiring letters to St.Francis Xavier and the other Jesuits with the following…

ite, inflammate Omnia
“go, set the world on FIRE”