Graduate Programs & Certificates

Loyola Institute for Ministry at Loyola University New Orleans (LIM) promotes passionate commitment to the promise of God’s Reign and to the mission of sharing the Good News.

LIM offers both a variety of graduate degrees and post graduate certificates. Degrees are theological, practical, and take seriously the hopes and experience that adults bring to their studies. LIM has a broad vision of ministry, which holds that it is practiced in explicitly ecclesial contexts—in churches, schools and dioceses—and beyond, wherever people of faith live and work.

You have several ways of participating in LIM:

  • online
  • learning groups here at St. Francis Xavier Parish
  • as a degree-seeking graduate student
  • as a continuing education certificate student

Programs offered include:

  • Master of Religious Education
  • Master of Pastoral Studies
  • Certificate of Theology & Ministry
  • Certificate of Religious Education
  • Certificate of Pastoral Studies
  • Advanced Certificate of Pastoral Studies

New learning groups here in Phoenix begin the week of September 19th. Additional information and applications can be found at