Restoring the Dome

Since 1959, the church dome of St. Francis Xavier Jesuit Parish has been a recognized symbol of our Catholic faith, welcoming all who enter the church.  Embraced by Uptown buildings, neighborhoods and small businesses, our iconic silhouette stands tall on a 60-acre campus that includes Brophy Chapel and the Chapel of Our Lady at Xavier College Prep.

Financed in one week -- parishioners walked door to door to raise the necessary $1 million -- the church was built in 18 months, February 1958 - July 1959.  With 1,500 in attendance, Father Dan Kelleher, S.J., Pastor, dedicated the church to "The Greater Glory of God" on July 31, 1959, the Feast Day of St. Ignatius. 

Built with longevity in mind, the basic structure is constructed entirely of non-combustible materials with a reinforced concrete floor system, and concrete roof topped with Spanish tile, which is supported by 16" think walls of brick, covered with stucco.  Lovingly cared for throughout the years, the church has stood the test of time. Yet, after more than 60 years, the Dome is in need of repair.

Fortunately, through our successful participation in the Diocesan, "Let Us Go Forth" Capital Campaign, there is seed money for this project.  Evidence of the exterior roof repair is seen through the scaffolding structure that scales the north side of the church, up and onto the dome itself.  This project should be completed by December 2020.  The roof repair also includes the small dome, facing Central avenue, and the flat surface which covers the length of the church and Marian Shop.

The interior dome restoration is estimated to exceed $1 million dollars and take approximately three- four months to complete. This project has not yet been scheduled as funds must be raised.

Please prayerfully consider how you can support the Restoration of the Dome. Contributions can be made using the offertory envelope featuring the Dome artwork, calling the office with payment information, or Online,

Please call Laura Jordan, Parish Manager, 602-212-4511 with questions or comments about how you can support this project.

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