Offering to the Lord

Everyone whose heart was moved and whose spirit prompted him came and brought an offering to the Lord.

Exodus 35:21

October 24, 2020

At the beginning of the month, I wrote of how we are asking for your financial support of St. Francis in a “quieter” way this year. We were intentional about this decision knowing that this year has been, and probably will be, the most unusual year of our lifetimes. As we continue to wade our way through these stormy waters, we join you in prayer asking for peace within our homes, in our faith community, the greater community of Phoenix, and our country.

Knowing that we turn to our church when feeling uncertain, I hope we have provided the nurturing environment you seek. Our ministries are now back and running and our religious education program has reached its enrollment capacity for the year. Our elementary school is thriving with the joyful sound of young voices echoing across the campus and our mass schedule has increased to include the Saturday Vigil Mass. Yes, we are in unusual times, but we strive each day to provide the security of a church that is more than a place of worship...ours is a breathing entity found in the lives of all who proclaim their Catholic faith.

As good stewards of the gifts God has given us, I ask again that you be intentional in your offerings to our community: your time, talent and treasure. Allow us to fortify the foundation of our varied ministries and programs through your continued support. Yes, your offering should take the form of tithing -- whether in person at Mass or online via Online Giving -- but it also can be found in serving as a volunteer. Or, as the lead of a ministry you’ve been involved in or wanted to start. If your heart is calling you for this purpose, please reach out to me and I will provide the direction or the staff person to realize this goal. Find peace in this service.

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As you worship here at St. Francis, I hope you find solace in the quiet of the church after Mass has concluded or as you sit in quiet prayer in Ignatius Chapel. And, as the year draws to a close, I hope you’ll find comfort in the changing of the season, the cooler days and brisk mornings.

Thank you for your devotion to St. Francis. We, the entire parish staff and Phoenix Jesuit Community ask for your continued financial support and prayers. Through your enduring financial gifts, you are ensuring the future of our St. Francis Xavier faith community.

In gratitude,
Father Bob