First Holy Communion/Confirmation

"Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament in which Jesus Christ gives His Body and Blood, Himself, for us, so that we too might give ourselves to Him in love and be united with Him in Holy Communion. In this way we are joined with the one Body of Christ, the Church."


The Diocese of Phoenix now follows the Restored Order Model for Confirmation and prepares children for both the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation at the same time.

Confirmation/First Holy Communion preparation is done through the Religious Formation Programs here at St. Francis Xavier. You can register for these programs at the parish office or online.

  • Children in second through fifth grade should be enrolled in the Ignatian Family Faith Formation Program (English and Spanish available).
  • If your child is in grades 6-8, they should be enrolled in both Edge and RCIT.
  • If your child is in grades 9-12, they should be enrolled in both Life Teen and RCIT.

Preparation for the Sacraments is a two year process.

"Your life must be woven around the Eucharist. Direct your eyes to Him, who is the Light; bring your hearts very close to His Divine Heart; ask Him for the grace to know Him, for the charity to love Him, for the courage to serve Him. Seek Him longingly.” 

St. Teresa of Calcutta

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