Have Questions about the Catholic Church?

Have you ever wondered why we do some of the things we do at Mass? Fr. George Teodoro has answers to question from our parishioners in all things liturgy!

If you have a question or have ever wondered about any of the rituals of Mass, please send an email to parishbulletin@sfxphx.org.

Why do we bow during the phrase “and by the Holy Spirit, was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became Man” as we recite the creed?

05-21-2023  |  Fr. George Teodoro, S.J.

This phrase is the first place in the Creed where the Trinity is in action – no longer God the Father, or Jesus Christ by themselves, but the three Persons of God working in concert. God the Father, sends the Holy Spirit to accomplish the Incarnation of the Son – the great work of salvation that begins at the Annunciation and is completed by the Passion and Resurrection of Christ.


What is a responsorial psalm? Why do we have it after the first reading?

05-14-2023  |  Fr. George Teodoro, S.J.

The book of Psalms holds a special place in the history and spirituality of Church. Unlike virtually every other book of the Bible, the psalms is expressly poetic and affective – it speaks to the heart, rather than the head. It expresses the emotions of praise and lament, longing and thanksgiving, complaint and trust, and really, the entire emotional range of the human condition. Originally meant to be sung and often set to music, psalms are often easier to memorize than other pieces of scripture, and resonate in our souls in a way that other parts of scripture do not.