Have Questions about the Catholic Church?

Have you ever wondered why we do some of the things we do at Mass? Fr. George Teodoro has answers to question from our parishioners in all things liturgy!

If you have a question or have ever wondered about any of the rituals of Mass, please send an email to parishbulletin@sfxphx.org.

Why does everyone have to come all the way forward for communion? Why don’t we have Eucharistic Ministers halfway back in the church like we used to?

02-05-2023Fr. George Teodoro, S.J.

Many Catholics in virtually every liturgical context prefer to sit in the back of the church. People have many reasons for doing so. Some are devotional: it can be a sign of humility, or sometimes people sit near an image or statue to which they are particularly devoted. Sometimes its practical – people who have mobility issues, or who want to avoid the direct air conditioning, or think it’s too loud in front or simply arrive late to Mass.


Why does Eucharistic Prayer II say

01-29-2023Fr. George Teodoro, S.J.

This phrase comes in the context of the epiclesis, which is the part of the Eucharistic Prayer which calls down the Holy Spirit to initiate the process of transubstantiation – that is, transforming the simple gifts of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.