Music Ministry

The music ministry of St. Francis Xavier provides musical leadership which fosters full, conscious and active participation of the Assembly gathered for worship. Our Music Ministry is a blend of both contemporary and traditional music.

If you are interested in ministering as a vocalist, instrumentalist, or audio-video minister, please fill out an interest form.

Music Opportunities For Youth

St. Francis Xavier Parish values giving our young people an opportunity to share their voice with the community and lead others in praise and worship of our God.

The SFX Children’s Choir

This choir joins the regular adult choir at designated 9:00am Masses on the first Sunday of the month.

The SFX Children’s Choir is open to all children through 8th grade who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.

To participate on any given Sunday, participants must attend the corresponding rehearsal which will occur the day before.

Parents will receive an email invitation for their child to participate in rehearsal and Mass through the program Planning Center Services. Parents are asked to “accept” or “decline” individual dates for rehearsals and Mass on the schedule.

Recordings for each song for the Mass can be found through the Planning Center Services app, and parents are asked to assist their child in making sure they practice on their own.

All rehearsals take place in the main church. Please enter through the sacristy door which is the door at the northeast corner of the church building. Children must arrive at the church by 8:00am for pre-Mass rehearsal on Sunday mornings.

The SFX Christmas Angel Choir

This choir sings at the 4:00pm Mass on Christmas Eve. This liturgy also includes the annual Christmas pageant. This is open to all children from 1st grade through 8th grade.

SFX Teen Music Ensemble

This choir sings at the 5:00pm Sunday evening mass throughout the year. The focus of this ensemble is cultivating the musical talents of young teens and mentoring them in liturgical music ministry.

This is open to all youth from grades 6th-12th. We are looking for singers and instrumentalists (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, winds, brass, and strings) to help share their talent and enhance our liturgies!

Teens will be expected to meet with Mr. Paul Fisko ahead of time for an informal audition process to discern the teen’s best fit for the ensemble.

Rehearsal takes place in the main church at 4:00pm every Sunday afternoon.