Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Fees

The Diocese of Phoenix has set forth certain suggested honorariums and fees for services. St. Francis Xavier Jesuit Parish has further established the following guidelines to assist our parishioners as they plan these significant moments in time.

    1. Priests to be paid through Funeral Home directly to: Phoenix Jesuit Community, $150.00
    2. Deacon to be paid through Funeral Home directly to St. Francis Xavier Parish, $75.00
    3. Musician to be paid directly, by name, $175.00. Additional musicians can be requested through the Director of Music and Liturgy and paid individually for their time.
      1. All music selections must be pre-approved by the Director of Liturgy and Music. Secular music is not allowed.

Weekday Funeral Schedule:

Funerals can be scheduled in the morning, but none shall be scheduled after 12:00pm. 

Videos are no longer allowed for viewing during, before, or after a funeral mass. Videos can be shown at the reception following (if using Anderson Hall or another facility) or at the funeral home only.

Saturday schedule:

11:00am Funeral
1:00pm  If there is not a wedding scheduled, and a funeral needs to be booked, this time slot will be made available.  No funerals scheduled at St. Francis Xavier Church after 1:00pm.

Standard Offering:

  1. St. Francis Xavier Church Funeral or Memorial Service: $400.00
  2. St. Francis Xavier Church Rosary: $400.00
    1. If held on the same day, prior to the funeral or memorial: $500.00
  3. Ignatius Chapel Funeral, Memorial or Rosary: $250.00

Please contact Mary Kevin Picton,, Funeral Coordinator, for clarification on these fees. Use of Anderson Hall is not included within any of the fees noted.