“The sacrament of Reconciliation is a way of participating in God’s incomprehensible mercy.

Reconciliation is never our own unaided action. It is God’s activity that inspires the desire to confess those things that damage relationships with God and with others. It is God who enables us to love and helps us regret those actions that damage others and ourselves. It is God who draws us toward truth and helps us regret our lies. It is God who illumines the conscience, revealing to us our need of repentance. It is God who gives us the courage to confess our sins. Finally, it is God who forgives."

First Reconciliation preparation is done through the Religious Formation Programs here at St. Francis Xavier. You can register for these Programs at the parish office or on line

  • For children in second grade through fifth grade, they should be enrolled in the Ignatian Family Faith Formation program (English and Spanish available).
  • If your child is in grades 6-8, they should be enrolled in both Edge and RCIT.
  • If your child is in grades 9-12, they should be enrolled in both Life Teen and RCIT.

Preparation for the Sacraments is a two year process. Sacraments are received the second year.