Meet Neva Smith

by Neva Smith  |  10/04/2020  |  From Neva Smith

When I was asked what brought me to St. Francis Xavier Parish, my answer was simple; the Holy Spirit brought me!

I'm a Mom and a Grandmother. I've been a parishioner of SFX for 22 years and an employee for almost 23 years.

For 5-10 years, I prayed for this job. I'd worked in the oil industry for years and wanted to slow down and reduce the amount of responsibility I'd had for so long. I decided I wanted to be a receptionist at a Church. I contacted a temporary agency and they sent me to an interview one, Monday morning in September. When I arrived they told me that they didn't need me for another week. When I returned home, I called the agency and they apologized, but informed me that while I was over at the other interview, another job came up. They were hesitant and asked me if I would mind working for a Church? I said, "not at all!" Being Baptist, I didn't realize that accepting this job would mean I would need to become Catholic. The Lord and I laugh about that to this day! He always says to me, "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that".