A retirement letter from Fr. Dan Sullivan…

by Fr. Dan Sullivan   |  10/22/2023  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

This letter is to let you know that I have received permission from my Jesuit provincial to retire in the next couple of months. The majority of my priestly ministry has been here in Phoenix, either at Brophy College Prep for nine years in the 1970s or Saint Francis Xavier Parish for 18 years, and 12th of those years I served as pastor. So I have deep roots here.


A Gospel Reflection

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  10/23/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

There is a saying that if the gospel message does not pique our conscience, then we have not heard the gospel. Today, based on the first reading from the Book of Sirach, the focus is on the contrast of the “haves and the have nots”. It is not God’s fault that this is the global reality of injustice that we live in.


A Gospel Reflection

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  09/11/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

The gospel reading for today is very familiar to us. It is the story of the Prodigal Son. The late Fr. Henri Nouwen (1932-1996) wrote a renowned book, "The Return of the Prodigal Son."


A Reflection

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  08/07/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

The gospel reading from Luke quoting Jesus: “Do not be afraid. Gird your loins. Sell your goods and give generously to those in need. Don your traveling clothes; keep the porch light on; stay by the door awaiting your Master’s return.”


Our Peace

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  05/22/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

Sixth Sunday of Easter/Sexto Domingo de Pascua Today’s third reading is taken from the Gospel of St. John. Even though we are in Easter season we dip back into the farewell discourse of Jesus at the Last Supper.


Divine Mercy

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  04/24/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

Divine mercy is God’s refusal to leave us in our fallen condition. Jesus enters the “locked doors” of our hearts, banishing fear and sin and saying, “Peace be with you.”


A Reflection on Psalm 97

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  03/27/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

During this time in Lent, especially when there will be adults who will receive full incorporation in the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil, the scripture readings may be taken from Cycle A rather than Cycle C. The gospel selections for Mar 20, Mar 27 and Apr 3 are chosen to support the Catechumens as they move toward Easter Vigil.


We can always trust God

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, SJ  |  03/06/2022  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

Today is the First Sunday of Lent. There are many avenues we could take to provide us with reflection material as we join Jesus in this 40-day pilgrimage.

Mr. Larry Hopp, a retired faculty member at Creighton University, offers us this thought: “Psalm 91 strongly reinforces the unmistakable fact of God's presence, specifically in the challenging moments of our lives.


Humility and Gratitude

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, S.J.   |  11/07/2021  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

Humility and gratitude are two virtues that stand out for me in the gospel of today.

Jesus speaks strongly to the religious leadership of the day. The scribes and Pharisees are hypocrites in that they preach one thing and do another. Love God and love one's neighbor is the one commandment that sums up the Jewish tradition. The scribes and Pharisees are only looking after themselves and even makContinue

The Right Path

by Fr. Dan Sullivan, S.J.   |  10/03/2021  |  From Fr. Dan Sullivan

Using our imagination as we read the gospel for today, we can see the “young” man running up to Jesus and anxious to tell Jesus that he was a faithful follower of the Covenant. Did he have to do any more to get a guaranteed pass to heaven?