Meet Fr. Tom Griffin, SJ

01-10-2021From Fr. Tom Griffin

As we begin the New Year, it seems like a good time to introduce myself, the new priest at St. Francis Xavier Parish. I’m a Jesuit priest of the Jesuits West Province and was ordained in Hollywood in 2000. Before becoming a Jesuit, I worked with BBDO, a large advertising agency, in New York and Johannesburg. While I enjoyed that work very much, after about ten years it became rather meaningless and God’s goodness led me to priesthood. Most of my priestly ministry has been in healthcare, a primarily administrative but also direct patient care, in Honolulu and Los Angeles. Working with people who were sick, especially those near the end of life, was a very wonderful and privileged experience.

About six years ago, God let it be known, as He sometimes does, that He had other plans for me. I’m originally from Connecticut and my Mom was still living there. When she began to deal with Alzheimer’s, the Jesuits graciously allowed me to work at my childhood parish, St. Gregory, near my Mom. It was a difficult but blest time, and my Mom is now in God’s loving embrace. So, it was time to return to my Jesuit home province. Through God’s graces, I landed on your doorstep and am very grateful that I did!


4th Sunday of Advent

12-20-2020From Fr. Tom GriffinFr. Tom Griffin, SJ

Dear Friends,

Christmas is coming quickly! During this very busy time, its fine to be concerned about getting those last few gifts, but I hope that we’re all taking time to prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus at Christmas. That would be the gift that would make Jesus most happy!

In Luke’s gospel today, the Angel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her that she was chosen by God to bear His son. Not surprisingly, she was shocked and ‘greatly troubled’ by this news! She was a young, unmarried and ‘ordinary’ woman. Yet, she had deep faith! She asked a question, the angel reassured her and she responded by saying, “I am the Lord’s servant…May your word to me be fulfilled.” Mary’s faith and trust in God allowed her to accept His plan for her.