My Story Continues

by Father Robert Fambrini, S.J.   |  11/24/2019  |  From Fr. Fambrini

My first visit to San Diego as a Jesuit came in March 1969, just as the finishing touches were being put on the Coronado bridge. As a second year novice at the time I was assigned to Our Lady of Guadalupe parish with a companion novice as part of my novitiate formation. Our task was simply to help out where needed. I remember painting rooms! We were not there long, perhaps only three weeks or so, but that initial experience made quite the impression on me. Fr.

Richard Brown was the young associate pastor with whom we interacted throughout our stay. A short few years later upon the death of the pastor, Rich was appointed pastor and probably did not envision at the time that he would be in that position for the next 37 years. He was a model pastor, loved by all for his gentle spirit and many pastoral kindnesses. I certainly did not envision that I would eventually be replacing him.


Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante

11/17/2019  |  From Fr. Fambrini

Our journey as Catholics is not yet complete – God has much more in store for us! He calls us to step out in faith, to deepen our walk with Him and to bring others to an encounter of His love: to become Disciples and to Evangelize through our words and lives. Every parish and mission in our Diocese will join together for a historic effort: a campaign for Discipleship and Evangelization that will benefit millions today and, in the future, Together Let Us Go Forth - Juntos Sigamos Adelante. Through our prayer and generosity, we will support important Evangelization and Discipleship efforts throughout our Diocese:

  • Our Future Priests
  • Catholic Students and Schools
  • Over 70 Ministries of the Diocese
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